visit Reindeers and horse riding

About the tour

In this tour, you’ll experience hiking in the Khuvsgul Lake with a fantastic view, visit the legendary Lake Khovsgol and Great White Lake, take horse riding to the real reindeer region surrounded by outstanding landscapes. The reindeer /Tsaatan/ represents one of the last truly reindeer lifestyles in very north of Mongolia with amazing scenery.

Northern Mongolia  Huvsgul Lake is the second biggest freshwater lake in Asia after Baikal and is a great place for fishing and boating and hiking through the beautiful scenery on land to explore the flora and fauna. Plus here you will meet Tsaatan reindeer nomads and explore their lifestyle.

Central Mongolia Visits to huge Buddhist Erdenezuu monastery, the symbolic ruins of the ancient capital Karakorum, and great extinct volcano area with White Lake.

Duration:  14 days/13 nights
Day1. Amarbayasgalant monastery

Amarbayasgalant monastery one of the three largest Buddhist centers in Mongolia, is located near the Selenge River in the Iven Valley at the foot of Buren Khan Mountain. It was built between 1727-1736, without the use of a single nail.

Day 2. Uran togoo Uul and Tulga Crater

The Uran Togoo – Tulga Uul Natural Monument  is a national protected area in the Bulgan Province of Mongolia. It is located about 60 km directly west of Bulgan city around the extinct volcanoes Uran Togoo, Tulga, Togoo, and Jalavch Uul.
All four mountain names allude to their volcanic past with designations borrowed from around the fireplace. The Uran Togoo and Togoo mountains are named for their bowl shape, the Tulga mountain named for its three mounds reminding of the traditional iron tripod kettle support. Jalavch is a term for a small pot. Uran crater  is 500-600 meters wide and 50 meters deep. Hiking to the craters. Overnight in a ger.

Day 3 . Murun city and Khuvsgul Lake

We’ll drive to Murun which is the center of the Khuvsgul province. We shall also obtain the border permit. Drive to Khuvsgul Lake. It is the second-most voluminous freshwater lake in Asia. 99 springs and rivers flow into the lake and just one river flows out of the Khuvsgul which is Eg River. Also the lake surrounded by alpine mountains, which are covered with thick taiga. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger.

Day 4 . Khuvsgul Lake

Explore the flora and fauna. You will hike along the shores of the lake. Stay overnight in nomadic family’s Ger.

Day 5 .Tsagaan nuur village

We will continue our trip to Tsagaan lake village. We will prepare for the trek and will give instruction regarding trekking in the mountains. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s ger.

Day 6-7 . Horse riding to Reindeer people

Saddle up the horses for an unforgettable horseback riding adventure!
The main objectives on horse pack trips: riding horse and having fun.
We altogether will aim to experience the true life of  nomads  and specially Tsaatan family and their culture and hospitality.The horse riding trip is inclusive with guides, all equipments, meals and lodging in tent camps along the way.

Day 8 . Exploring Tsaatan community

We will stay among the Tsaatan people and will experience everyday life and their unique tradition. Our activities include attending a shaman ritual, milking reindeer, processing milk products, talking with people and learning about the local culture… Stay overnight in reindeer family’s yurt.

Day 9 . Horse ride back to village

We will ride horse back a different route will be taken along a picturesque forested mountain and valley. On the way we will cross the Ebed mountain pass. Our vehicle and driver will be waiting for us in the village. Stay overnight in camping out.

Day 10. Shine Ider

On the way stopover near Zuun Lake. Along the way you will enjoy beautiful scenery of mountain meadow and pine tree forest. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s ger.

Day 11. Terkh White Lake National Park

Arrive in Terkh White Lake National Park. Here you will stay on the bank of White lake and visit some hundred years old Khorgo volcano crater and other natural sites. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s ger.

Day 12 . Tsenkher hot springs

We will drive to the . It is one of the biggest hot springs in Mongolia with a temperature of 86 degree, a high flow rate, high alkalinity and relatively high amounts of fluoride. The hot spring is mostly used for relaxing and restoring your health. Stay overnight in a tourist ger camp.

Day13. Semi Gobi /Elsen tasarkhai

Drive to Semi-Gobi.  Imagine a picture that consists of rocky mountains in the back, sand dunes extending on the right sand of the dunes, green trees in and aside the dunes, a river flowing along the dunes. That is what Semi-Gobi looks like. Relax in Semi-Gobi. Trekking to the mountains. Camel riding or horse riding is possible on your request. Stay in a ger camp

Day 14. Khustai NP and Ulaanbaatar

Drive back to Ulaanbaatar. Along the way stopover by Khustai National Park in order to see Mongolian wild horses, Przewalski which were re-introduced back to its homeland in 1993. At the park first you will visit Park museum and conference hall, to get introduced to flora and fauna of the National Park.

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