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Short Tours
Terelj NP & Chinggis khan statue/1 Day
The one day trip is a great option for people seeking beautiful nature nearby the capital.
You will head to Terelj national park which is rich in flowers, trees, mountains and rocks. Terelj national park is a great spot for hiking and horse-riding. You will also be to see the Great Chinggis Khan Statue.
Date: Jun – Dec, 2018
Khustai NP & Wild horse/1 Days
It is true that the Khustai National Park is the home to wild horses called Przewalski horses or takhi, in Mongolian. However, it is not true Przewalski horses is the only attraction of the Park. Because the Park occupies such a vast territory, there is sample opportunity for various outdoor activities such as takhi and bird watching, hiking, horse or camel riding, photo shooting and visiting ancient artifacts there.
Date: March – Nov, 2018
13th century park & Terelj NP /2 Days
Terelj National Park is the ideal destination for the people who don’t have a lot of time for exploring the country. There are gorgeous open fields and magnificent mountain ranges where you can enjoy and experience many outdoor activities like horseback, yak, or camel riding, photography, and hiking. Then you will visit the world’s tallest horseman statue, dedicated to Chinggis Khan. After that, we will go to the 13th century park and set up with the unique clan camps. This will bring the feeling and exotic environment from the 13th century and experiencing our traditional drink and food.
Date: May – Oct, 2018
Semi Gobi & Karakorum /3 Days
The capital of Mongolian Empire, Karakorum city and Mongolian historically most significant religious center – Erdenezuu monastery. Elsen Tasarkhai ( Semi Gobi), marvellous oasis with sand dunes, vegetations, lake and birds. During this trip, you have the chance to experience noteworthy historical, religious, natural and adventurous side of Mongolia, all in one short period of time.
Date: May – Oct, 2018
Terelj NP, Semi Gobi & Karakorum /4 Days
First destination is the Terelj National Park; where the nature is articulated in great combination of sheer granite mountains, open fields and river. Visit to the tallest horseman-statue in the world, dedicated to Mongolian legendary emperor – Chinggis Khan. Our next destination will be Karakorum, which once served as the capital of Mongolian Empire. Mongolian largest and the historically most significant religious and cultural center Erdenezuu monastery – is operating as a museum there. Our next stop will be Elsen Tasarkhai(Semi Gibi), marvelous oasis with sand dunes, vegetations, lake and birds.
Date: May – Oct, 2018
Middle Length Tours
Gobi and Karakorum Tour/ 7 Days
The tour, covering the central and southern parts of Mongolia. During this tour, you could experience the highlighting species of flora and fauna, relics of Gobi dinosaurs, duties of domestic animals and ride camels.The major religious and historical sites – Karakorum and Ongi. 
Date: May – Oct, 2018




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Long Length Tours
Visit reindeer people and Horse riding/14 Days
For thousands of years, the Dukha people, also known as the Tsaatans, have lived in the remote, deep forest of northern Mongolia. During this tour, you could explore Reindeer people’s life, fresh water Lake Khubsgul and the beautiful nature of Nothern and Central Mongolia.
Date: May – Oct, 2018
Discover Mongolia /15 Days
Do you want to experience all Mongolia has to offer but don’t know where to start? To see not only the boundless steppe, Gobi deserts and forest montains but to also explore the historical sites and meet the people? Then this tour is for you. Amazing scenery, history, wildlife and adventure …
Date: May – Oct, 2018
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